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Improve the plumpness, lift the butt & fix your hip dips! We have 1500+ Happy Patients treated with this pain-free and FDA-approved treatment. View the transformations of our patients here.

SCULPTRA BBL CASE #1- Hip Hollows Boosted!

This patient received 8 vials of Sculptra across the hips and booty area.

Patient Stats:  # of vials: 20 | Age: 25 | Results after: 6 months |


  • Hip Dips Present
  • Uneven Projection


  • Hip Dips Filled In
  • Balanced Projection


This patient received 8 vials of Sculptra across the hips and booty area.

Patient Stats:  # of vials: 8 | Age: 28 | Results after: 6 months |


  • Divots and Dimpling
  • Uneven Projection


  • Smooth, Even Skin
  • Hips Accentuated

Sculpt your butt & hips with Sculptra® Injections

Our BootyFix ButtLift with Sculptra is the perfect non-surgical option for those that are looking to give their booty a boost but don’t have enough excess fat for a traditional fat transfer procedure, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

What Is Sculptra?

Booty Benefits

An FDA-Approved filler that kickstarts your body’s own collagen production to create volume.

Adding Volume

Sculptra promotes collagen growth in the booty and hips which
leads to increased projection and plumpness.It aims to deliver natural, sculpted curves.🍑

Non-invasive BBL

Unlike traditional Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and dangerous biopolymer implants, Sculptra Butt Lift is a non-invasive, injectable procedure that is FDA approved, safe and effective.

Fill In Hip Dips

Hip dips or hollows are a 100% natural occurrence due to pelvic structure, but some people wish to correct this. Sculptra can add fullness in the hips for a rounded silhouette.

Need A Lift?

Sculptra Butt Lift is here to help! Whether you’re looking for a tushy touch up or a full-blown booty do-over, Sculptra is ready to get to work!

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5

Our patients love their results

Works!!!! They tell you you need 10 vials to see a difference but I don’t think I needed more than 6. Difference is amazing though.

Blake S

I’m a patient there. The service is always impeccable and the staff/injectors are so skilled. Always love my results after an appointment.

Kat I

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and care that the staff has for their customers. My injector was fantastic and I really appreciate the friendliness of reception. This is a beautiful, clean office and just an overall excellent experience.

Bethany J

I love the speed of being seen, the service and the fact that everyone is so kind and information driven. I never feel rushed and I always see results immediately.


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Enhance those curves and smooth out your tush with our signature BootyFix: Sculptra Butt Lift. We’re the #1 provider of Sculptra Butt Lift in the US with the most success stories. This non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is an easy and safe fix to help plump your booty, lift and tighten both the butt and hips. It can also help improve stretch marks and even minimize cellulite.

  • #1 Butt Injection Product in the United States
  • #1 provider of Sculptra Butt Lift in the United States
  • Non-surgical and FDA-approved
  • Lifts & shape the butt & hips
  • Correct hollows and dips & fix dips
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